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AudioNotes is a web-based application that converts voice notes to summarized text in seconds, thus improving productivity with effortless voice-based note-taking that captures, organizes, transcribes, summarizes, and generates content.

AudioNotes is a powerful note-taking tool that makes use of advanced AI models to transcribe, summarize, and generate content from voice notes. Designed for professionals, content creators, and podcasters, it enables users to capture, organize, and transcribe their thoughts with ease and efficiency. By leveraging AI models such as OpenAI's Whisper and other audio models, it processes audio files and generates accurate transcripts in minutes. Users can record up to 30 minutes of audio notes per voice note, which can be stored, tagged, and easily searched through the app. The application also enables users to upload existing recordings and get high-quality summaries and transcripts in return. With its ability to generate high-quality content optimized for different platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, email, and blog, AudioNotes offers a range of versatile features that help users to maximize their productivity. Users can easily share their voice notes and summaries with friends who also use the app, thus facilitating collaboration and teamwork. The app offers three pricing plans to suit different usage needs, all of which are usage-based and have no subscriptions. The free plan allows users to record 10 voice notes of up to 5 minutes each, while the basic and pro plans offer support for up to 100 and 300 voice notes, respectively, with longer recording times and additional features such as the ability to upload audio files, generate high-quality content, and share notes with friends. The lifetime plan offers support for up to 1000 voice notes and all the premium features for a one-time fee. The app supports recording audio in any language, and the transcripts are available in the same language. The app provides users with a FAQ section that answers common questions about the app's features, billing, and security. And it takes user data privacy seriously by not accessing or sharing their voice notes, summaries, transcripts, and generated content with anyone. For more information, users can refer to the app's privacy policy. Join over 1000+ people who are already recording ideas with AudioNotes and experience the benefits of effortless note-taking today.