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Create video documentation 11x faster with AI-powered guidde.

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guidde is a generative AI platform for businesses that enables teams to create stunning how-to guides and SOPs in minutes. With AI-generated voiceovers, step-by-step descriptions, and personalized design options, guidde helps businesses decrease support tickets while increasing customer satisfaction.

If you're looking to improve your team's productivity, onboarding speed, and customer satisfaction, guidde might be exactly what you need. This AI-powered platform is designed to help businesses create stunning video documentation in minutes, which is particularly useful for complex workflows, elusive software applications, or sophisticated scenarios. With guidde, users can capture their flow with a click, and let the AI-powered platform do the rest, including adding a step-by-step description of the workflow, generating a voiceover from over 100 different voices and languages, and allowing users to personalize the design of their videos like a pro.

One of the biggest advantages of using guidde is the speed at which videos can be created. According to the website, businesses can create video documentation 11x faster with guidde than with traditional methods, such as written instructions. This not only saves time but also decreases support tickets and increases customer satisfaction. By providing personalized, polished, and easy-to-follow video documentation, businesses can quickly onboard customers, improve team productivity, and deliver the information their customers need at every moment.

But how exactly does guidde work? The platform uses GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) to generate voiceovers, which means that users can choose from over 100 different voices and languages to personalize their videos. Additionally, guidde can capture users' flows using a browser extension with a click-and-stop interface. And if users don't want to spend time creating their own designs, guidde offers pre-made templates that can be customized to fit any brand.

One of the biggest benefits of using guidde is that you don't need to be a professional designer to create stunning visuals. The platform allows users to choose from a variety of design options that are both professional and customizable, making it easy to create polished and professional-looking videos. With guidde, the focus is on delivering personalized, high-quality videos that are easy to follow and engaging for the viewer.

According to the website, businesses of all sizes have trusted guidde to deliver high-quality video documentation, and the platform has been used by teams in sales, customer support, learning and development, sales operations, and more. Guidde has also received glowing reviews from businesses that have used the platform. Chris Cummings, Senior Director of Client Success, describes guidde as "a super simple tool we can use to solve the challenges we experienced with written instruction, it allows our team to provide quick, personalized video responses to customer questions." Meanwhile, Tomer Ben-Arye, Support Operations Manager, praises guidde for its ability to "provide consistent, accurate information to our customers, even as our user base grows."

Overall, guidde is a powerful tool for businesses that want to improve their team productivity, customer satisfaction, and onboarding speed. With AI-generated voiceovers, personalized design options, and easy-to-use video capture tools, guidde makes it simple to create professional and polished video documentation in minutes. By providing personalized, high-quality videos, guidde helps businesses deliver the information their customers and teams need at every moment, enabling them to use software successfully.