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Gatherly makes event planning effortless, allowing you to create engaging and interactive events with AI technology. Connect with attendees in a virtual setting that replicates the experience of in-person interactions. Choose from tried-and-true templates, pre-built virtual venues, and AI-coordinated logistics to make your events a success.

Gatherly is the ultimate solution for building a remote community through interactive events. Whether you're organizing professional networking events or social gatherings, our AI-powered platform allows you to design incredible experiences that engage attendees like never before. The platform's interface replicates in-person interactions, allowing attendees to move in and out of huddles with ease and start conversations spontaneously.

Gatherly has been used to host over 7,000 events for leading organizations, non-profits, and companies, making it a loved platform by thousands of hosts who adore the engagement it brings. And our satisfied customers have something to say – Mike McGowan hosted a 1,000-person conference and said, "I had a number of people come up to me to say that they had been to many virtual conferences and this was by far the most engaging." Lori Aubrey held 20+ events for 2 non-profits and remarked, "Our team was excited about the opportunity to bring people together in a way that most closely replicates in-person interaction. It was the missing piece in our virtual conference plan." With Gatherly, your attendees can have a 10X better experience with a tenth of the work.

Our AI planner is equipped with everything you need for a successful event, with tried-and-true templates for every use case and pre-built virtual venues to choose from. With auto-generated agendas and AI-coordinated logistics, you can arrive at your event prepared for anything. And with our AI-powered design, tailor your landing pages and maps to suit your vision with ease. Plus, our data analytics feature allows you to visualize traffic over time and collect individual data from attendees such as names and emails.

Gatherly aims to create an immersive and interactive experience that replicates in-person interactions, with AI-powered booths to engage attendees and customizable maps to make the experience memorable. Thrive Scholars, for example, used Gatherly for a 300+ person college fair, and Gatherly helped them connect hundreds of students of color with top colleges. Plus, with the addition of a backstage, Gatherly's hosts can run a fully-managed broadcast for their events. You can host your next event on Gatherly and experience the difference firsthand.

In conclusion, Gatherly is the ultimate solution for remote event planning, and it has been designed to offer a seamless experience for hosts and attendees alike. With customizable booths, maps, and landing pages, pre-built virtual venues, and AI-coordinated logistics, Gatherly offers all the tools necessary for creating an unforgettable experience. Gatherly's commitment to creating engaging and interactive events has made it the platform of choice for leading organizations, non-profits, and companies across the world. Start building your remote community with Gatherly today.