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"Effortlessly manage high blood pressure with personalized meal plans."

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"Pressura's offers personalized meal plans and recommendations to manage high blood pressure. Their commitment to privacy protection ensures that your personal and health-related data is processed only during the active session."

Pressura's is an innovative digital assistant designed to evaluate your eating habits for improved blood pressure management. Their approach to personalized meal plans and recommendations is based on their commitment to protecting your privacy. By agreeing to their consent form, you authorize Pressura to collect, use, and process your personal and health-related data to provide customized solutions for managing high blood pressure.
In compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and Danish health data regulations, Pressura collects the following personal and health-related data: Age, Gender, Weight, Body height, Medication usage, Chronic illnesses, Dietary habits and preferences, and Email address (for sending meal plans). They use this data to assess your current eating habits concerning blood pressure, provide personalized meal plans and recommendations, and improve their services and user experience.
Pressura ensures the security of your data during the active session by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures. Your rights regarding access, modification, or deletion of your personal data are respected during the active session. You can exercise these rights while using their services. Moreover, since Pressura does not store your data beyond the active session, your personal information is not retained, and there is no need for further actions to delete it.
The journey to a healthier lifestyle begins by answering questions about your age, gender, weight, body height, physical activity, medication usage, dietary habits, and salt intake. Pressura's digital assistant takes into account only the information you provide. The more data it has, the better the assessment will be.
In conclusion, Pressura's provides personalized meal plans and recommendations that empower you to manage high blood pressure effortlessly. With their commitment to protecting your privacy and handling your data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, you can trust their services to help you achieve your health goals.