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FlyFin is an A.I.-powered tax service designed exclusively for freelancers to simplify their tax filing process. With FlyFin, you can automate your bookkeeping, find tax write-offs automatically and file your taxes in just 5 minutes. Our world-class tax CPAs ensure 100% accuracy, and our A.I. finds every possible tax deduction, helping you eliminate 95% of your work.

Tax season can be a stressful time, especially for freelancers who are busy juggling multiple projects and clients. That's where FlyFin comes in, an A.I.-powered tax service that aims to simplify the tax filing process for freelancers. With FlyFin, freelancers can automate their bookkeeping, find tax write-offs automatically, and file their taxes in just 5 minutes.

One of the key features of FlyFin is its A.I. technology that finds every possible tax deduction, allowing freelancers to eliminate 95% of their work. All they have to do is connect their expense accounts, and FlyFin takes care of the rest. With a combined experience of 250 years, FlyFin's world-class tax CPAs ensure 100% accurate tax review, preparation, and filing.

FlyFin offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for freelancers to stay on top of their tax game. The app notifies users about important ongoing deductions, recommends how to take self-employment tax deductions, and reminds them of critical IRS tax payments such as quarterly taxes due time or changes in the tax code. This ensures that freelancers never miss a penny when it comes to deductions, and they pay 100%+ in penalties.

FlyFin has been recognized for its innovation and excellence, winning the Best A.I. Product of the year award, and it is easy to see why. The A.I. automatically finds tax deductions every time an expense occurs, making it simple, accurate, and effortless for freelancers to stay on top of their taxes. FlyFin's expert tax CPAs are well-versed in all aspects of US and international taxes, ensuring that freelancers get a detailed tax report with an in-depth summary of their deductions.

FlyFin offers three plans for freelancers to choose from, Basic, Standard, and Premium. All plans include tax filings with a CPA for federal and state taxes, tax audit insurance, A.I. deductions tracking, and unlimited CPA advice. The Premium Plan is the most popular as it includes a designated CPA on a Zoom call, and the plan for which freelancers get maximum tax savings of $3,700 on average.

If you're new to the freelance world, FlyFin is an ideal solution, as it automatically finds tax deductions and provides insights on the best tax write-offs. With FlyFin, freelancers can export their data in IRS format if they want to file elsewhere or file taxes directly through the app with the help of the CPAs.

In conclusion, FlyFin is an innovative A.I.-powered tax service that is built exclusively for freelancers to simplify their tax filing experience. With FlyFin, freelancers can maximize their savings, stay on top of their tax game, and stop worrying about tax season. Try FlyFin today for free and experience the ultimate tax solution for freelancers.