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Dynaboard AI is a pro-code web app builder that enables the development of complex, custom software in minutes through natural language. It offers features such as UI generation, code generation, and code refactoring to simplify and speed up the development process.

Dynaboard AI is a revolutionary pro-code web app builder that accelerates software development for developers. With the platform's advanced AI functionalities, building complex, custom software has never been easier. Dynaboard AI offers features such as UI generation, code generation, and code refactoring to simplify and speed up the development process.

UI generation is one of the many powerful AI features that Dynaboard AI offers. With UI generation, developers can quickly create data-rich UIs and forms in natural language, saving time and effort. The platform's UI generation feature automatically configures, places, and appropriately names components based on the prompt delivered by the user. Generated UI components are standard Dynaboard components, hence they can be easily modified or moved like any other component.

Besides UI generation, Dynaboard AI can generate JavaScript/TypeScript, SQL, and CSS. Developers can connect their PostgreSQL, MySQL, or BigQuery database to take advantage of Dynaboard AI's SQL generation features. By generating SQL queries, developers can easily create charts or tables derived from connected databases by typing in what they’d like to see and clicking a button. Dynaboard AI provides several options for visualization, and in a single click, it generates charts with automatic title, axis, and dimension names.

Another exciting feature of Dynaboard AI is generating dropdowns and real-time filtering of data. Dynaboard AI is context-aware of developers' pages, functions, components, and even database schemas, so generating dropdowns to keep apps and tools in sync with changing data is seamless. Real-time filtering of data enables developers to modify existing apps and tools quickly. Dynaboard AI can be used to update existing histogram queries by clicking the inline AI button and prompting it to filter results that match the dropdown input.

With Dynaboard AI, developers can kickstart development of large apps, maintain documentation, and even fix bugs. Dynaboard AI is a game-changer that equips developers with the tools needed to build production-grade software with minimal effort. The platform is constantly evolving, and the team behind Dynaboard AI has plans to tackle more of the most time-consuming, tedious, and difficult aspects of app development.

Dynaboard AI is currently available for free in the Dynaboard Editor. Developers can leave feedback on generated results with up- and downvotes in the editor and share their creations on Twitter. Dynaboard AI is here to simplify and speed up the development process, so get started with Dynaboard AI today and build production-grade software in minutes.