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"Transform how you query databases with AI-powered DB Pilot."

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DB Pilot is an innovative database GUI enhanced by AI, allowing users to effortlessly write SQL queries, join data formats, and store query results locally. With its AI assistant, users can chat with a personal GPT-3.5 powered assistant that can convert code to SQL, explain queries, and more.

DB Pilot is the future of database GUIs, combining innovative technology with an easy-to-use interface. With its advanced AI assistant, DB Pilot enables users to write complex SQL queries by simply describing them in English. Powered by GPT-3.5, DB Pilot AI understands the intent behind your instructions and delivers the perfect SQL query. Instead of manually converting code to SQL or doing complex joins between different data formats, simply chat with DB Pilot AI.

DB Pilot's embedded DuckDB is a local hub that connects all of your databases, as well as other data sources outside of them. This allows you to easily run SQL queries on a variety of file formats, including CSV, JSON, and Parquet, or store query results locally for later reference. With this tool, combining data from different sources has never been easier.

DB Pilot AI also allows you to convert between SQL and code for various ORM libraries, such as Prisma, Ruby on Rails (Active Record), and SQLAlchemy, among others. The AI assistant can even explain complex SQL queries that are hard to understand, making it an essential tool for professionals who work with databases.

But that's not all. With DB Pilot, you can join data from CSV, JSON, and Parquet files without any hassle, and write the result of any query to a CSV, JSON, or Parquet file. Easily query any CSV, JSON, and Parquet files with SQL, be it files on your machine, on S3, or available over HTTP. Save query results of any connected database to the embedded DuckDB instance, and keep them around for later reference.

DB Pilot is continuously adding support for more databases, with MySQL and SQLite coming soon. The next releases will also include smart code completion and query and chat history, making it an even more powerful tool.

DB Pilot comes with a lifetime license, including one year of access to DB Pilot's AI assistant and app updates. After your first year, you can renew access to the AI assistant and app updates for $49 per year. Download DB Pilot now and transform how you query databases with AI-powered insight.