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Discover Clear-Cut Answers with Pigro's Intelligent Retrieval Plugin

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Pigro offers intelligent document indexing services for ChatGPT retrieval plugin that delivers accurate and relevant answers. Our AI-based text chunking services split content like a human would, considering the structure and semantics of the document, providing a 10% increase in accuracy compared to other solutions available in the market.

Pigro is a game-changing AI-powered solution that offers intelligent document indexing services to provide accurate and relevant answers to users looking for information in a knowledge base. The platform's AI-based text chunking services help deliver intelligent and precise transcripts that respect the context of the original document. Pigro offers the best accuracy in the industry, ensuring that users receive only the most relevant information about their queries.

One of the biggest challenges for ChatGPT retrieval plugins is providing accurate answers based on context. Current OpenAI text chunking services split text based only on punctuation marks every 200 words, which can be problematic when it comes to accurately parsing the document and providing relevant answers. Pigro offers a distinctive approach to text chunking, using AI-powered services that split content like a human would. This technique takes into consideration the structure and semantics of the document, including headings, tables, lists, images, and other features, to deliver the most accurate and context-aware transcripts.

Pigro's API is natively designed to support Office-like documents, PDFs, HTML, and plain text in many languages. The platform's generative indexing creates all possible questions answered within the document to provide comprehensive answers to user queries. Users can also use keywords and semantics to look for information based on the title, the body, and generated questions. Pigro's combination of intelligent text chunking and generative indexing techniques provides a 10% increase in accuracy over other solutions available on the market.

Pigro's intelligent indexing technology is especially beneficial for organizations with vast knowledge bases that store a significant amount of information in various formats. Enterprises aiming to offer their employees quick access to relevant information can leverage Pigro to provide the much-needed clarity in their knowledge management. Pigro delivers accurate answers quickly, helping businesses drive productivity and ensure their employees have the right information to make informed decisions.

Pigro also offers search result filtering with file and resource access permissions, enabling organizations to provide or restrict access to resources as needed. The platform helps companies uphold adequate information security by limiting access based on security protocols determined by the company's administration units.

In conclusion, Pigro is the go-to solution for those seeking accurate answers using ChatGPT retrieval plugins. With its AI-based text chunking services and generative indexing techniques, Pigro delivers superior accuracy in identifying the most relevant spans of texts. Join the waiting list today or reach out to Pigro to discover how to build a customized solution for your organization.