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Animaker's automatic, online and free Subtitle Generator lets you add accurate and customized subtitles to your videos in just one click! With the power of AI, it recognizes speech, generates subtitles, and adds them to your video. Customize your subtitles to fit your brand guidelines, add cool animations to make them engaging, and auto-translate them to over 100 languages.

In today's world, video consumption has witnessed a surge, and people are watching more videos online than ever before. But how do you make sure that people understand your video completely, and you get the necessary views, likes, and shares? This is where subtitles come in, and Animaker's AI-powered Subtitle Generator has revolutionized the way subtitles are generated and added to videos.

Animaker's automatic, online and free Subtitle Generator allows you to add accurate and customized subtitles to your videos quickly and easily. With the power of AI, Animaker recognizes speech, generates subtitles and adds them to your video with just one click. You can upload your video by simply dragging and dropping or selecting it from your computer.

The subtitle generator also comes loaded with a full-featured text editor that lets you customize your subtitles completely and format them to fit your brand guidelines. It provides over 20 animations for your subtitles, making them cooler than ever! Plus, you can customize the subtitles further by adjusting times, changing text format, and more. Animaker's Subtitle Generator is also loaded with 134 languages, which means you can auto-translate your subtitles to make your video accessible to people from every corner of the world.

But did you know that subtitles are not only great for accessibility, but they can also help improve your video's retention metrics? A combination of audio and textual elements can help people retain the information in the video, thus encouraging people to watch the video till the end.

Social media metrics are also influenced by retention metrics, and since the majority of users watch social media videos on mute, captions can help users understand the real essence of the video. Subtitles can also help break language barriers and make videos accessible for all, regardless of their challenges.

Animaker's Subtitle Generator lets you choose between automatic or manual subtitling according to your preference. For perfectionists who want to construct everything from scratch, the Manual Subtitling option helps write subtitles themselves.

Animaker's Subtitle Generator has received rave reviews from users all around the world. It's helped over 18 million people create awesome videos by themselves and is trusted by some of the world's leading brands. Animaker was voted as the No.4 Best Design Product of the World. Users have appreciated the detail-focused experience of the subtitle generator as it let them edit and correct mistakes highlighted in the subtitles. Animaker's Subtitle Generator has enabled them to make their videos look cool, engaging, and understandable for all.

In conclusion, Animaker's AI-powered Subtitle Generator is a game-changer for creators, businesses, and individuals who want to make their videos accessible, engaging and crisp. With its simple and intuitive interface, customization options, and diverse animations, it's among the top subtitle generators available today. Lastly, Animaker lets you download your subtitled video once you finish customizing, for free!