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Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind or low-vision users with a community of sighted volunteers and professionals from around the world through live video. With features like Virtual Volunteer powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, Specialized Help, and Be My Eyes for Work, it makes tasks big and small simpler for blind or low-vision users, which promotes independence.

Be My Eyes is a global community-driven organization that connects people with visual impairment with over six million sighted volunteers and professionals worldwide through live video assistance. Its mission is to make the world more accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. Founded by Hans Jørgen Wiberg in 2015, Be My Eyes app is a free service that allows a visually impaired individual to call a sighted volunteer for assistance virtually whenever they need it and get support or advice on various tasks. With its robust features and functionalities, such as Virtual Volunteer powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, Specialized Help, and Be My Eyes for Work, the app promotes more independence for blind or low-vision users for tasks big and small.

The Virtual Volunteer feature integrated into the Be My Eyes app uses the revolutionary GPT-4 of OpenAI, an AI-powered image-to-text generator, to provide instantaneous identification, interpretation, and conversational visual assistance for a range of various tasks. With Virtual Volunteer, visually impaired individuals can send images via the app and get real-time identification of objects, labels, or even reading of text. As a result, tasks such as grocery shopping, reading a recipe, identifying colors, or reading instructions becomes easier, more accessible, and convenient for the blind or low-vision users. This feature can help in emergency situations when users need immediate assistance or in situations where a physical assistant is not available.

Be My Eyes also offers Specialized Help, where users can connect with professionals, such as ophthalmologists or tech support specialists for more complex assistance. Users can also use the Be My Eyes for Work feature, which offers businesses and organizations a suite of accessibility solutions for corporate volunteering, customer service, and video support tools for CX teams. This feature enables businesses to become more inclusive by focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

Be My Eyes app is available for both iOS and Android platforms and offers free and unlimited calls to users, aided by a community of sighted volunteers and professionals available day and night, 100% anonymously, and worldwide. The app is available in over 180 languages, making it accessible to most users worldwide.

The Be My Eyes community strives to make the world a better place by improving the accessibility of blind or low-vision individuals. It has a goal to create a more inclusive environment where everyone has what they need to thrive. The Be My Eyes blog, podcast, and real user stories showcase its efforts, and everyone is encouraged to get involved and support their cause. Be My Eyes' official merchandise and Translate Be My Eyes resources and functionalities help to expand the app's reach and support its mission.