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Wolfe is an AI-powered personal management consultant that combines the knowledge and experience of the world’s top consultants with powerful generative language models. It can help you tackle complex business challenges, make tedious tasks easier and more efficient, and provide valuable data analysis and insights. Join the waitlist to access cutting-edge AI technology.

Wolfe is a revolutionary AI-powered personal management consultant that can help you optimize your business strategies and improve overall performance. Whether you want to solve complex business problems, streamline cumbersome tasks such as research and analysis, or gain valuable insights from data analysis, Wolfe has got you covered. By combining the knowledge and experience of the world’s top consultants with powerful generative language models, Wolfe offers a unique and innovative way to tackle business challenges with agility and structure.

One of the key benefits of using Wolfe is its ability to provide structure and frameworks for various business activities. For instance, it can help you create a story-line for a presentation, provide a framework for a digital transformation project, or suggest ways to reduce churn in your business. What’s more, Wolfe can also make drafting, analysis, and communication easier and more efficient, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Wolfe is also great at data analysis and insights. It can analyze datasets and suggest reasons for slowing sales growth rates, identify interesting patterns and trends, and conduct market research to identify key trends shaping consumer markets. With its cutting-edge AI technology, Wolfe offers a unique way to gain valuable insights into your business and target markets.

The Wolfe team comprises a group of ex-consultants and developers who understand business strategy tools and templates better than most. Created in partnership with Slideworks, a company specializing in business strategy and tools, Wolfe leverages cutting-edge AI technology to augment the expertise of corporate teams and consultants.

While not publicly available yet, Wolfe is happy to give access to select companies and partners. Join the waitlist to experience the power of AI-powered management consulting and optimize your business strategies like never before.