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Streamline Your Customer Support with AI-Powered Ticket Assistant

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Yuma's AI-powered Ticket Assistant offers seamless integration with your Help Desk software, automating the drafting of customer support ticket responses. With streamlined one-click features such as conversation thread summarization, a custom knowledge base, and multilingual and auto-translation capabilities, Yuma offers personalized and accurate responses to your customers in 15 languages.

Yuma is revolutionizing the customer support industry by introducing its AI Ticket Assistant, an automated support tool designed for Shopify merchants using Gorgias. With AI Automatic Response Drafting, Ticket Assistant analyzes each incoming inquiry and drafts the most appropriate response for the customer. Yuma ensures that each customer inquiry is handled efficiently and effectively without disrupting the agent's workflow.

Customization is key with Yuma as it enables the integration of your brand voice, tone, and writing style, ensuring that all responses are polite, grammatically correct, and on-brand. Moreover, Yuma's conversational thread summarization feature condenses lengthy conversations into a single summary, giving your team an efficient and convenient way to understand customer needs and respond effectively.

Yuma's Ticket Assistant is designed for Shopify merchants and supports Gorgias and Shopify natively. With its thorough understanding of your business, Yuma's knowledge base is tailored to your brand, providing personalized and accurate responses that align with your business needs. The multilingual and auto-translation capabilities of Yuma enable it to provide instant responses to customers in their preferred language.

Yuma's Ticket Assistant one-click feature simplifies the customer support process by quickly and conveniently sending drafted responses, closing the ticket, and moving on to the next task. Yuma's integration with your Shopify products and pages ensures that it retrieves live prices and availability of product variants, giving your customers relevant and up-to-date responses.

Yuma ensures its users receive optimal support by offering a Starter Plan with a 7-day free trial, 100 automated drafts for $39 per month, and native integrations with Gorgias, Help Centers, and FAQs. Yuma's AI Ticket Analysis feature leverages the latest advancements in AI technology to quickly and accurately analyze each incoming support ticket, providing personalized responses and suggesting the best course of action to take.

Yuma's commitment to user experience is evident in its support for new product releases in 2023. Join the new AI product launches mailing list to stay informed and receive notifications about new releases. Yuma's privacy policy ensures your data is protected. Streamline your customer support process today with Yuma's AI-powered Ticket Assistant and enjoy the benefits of an efficient, cost-effective, and productive support team.