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Wisebot's AI Chatbots turn any content form into a chatbot, empowering creators, businesses, and institutions to automate routine tasks, save time, and engage with their users. Get fast and accurate responses, 24/7, with references and follow-up questions. Say goodbye to scrolling, searching, and waiting. Bring your content to life with Wisebot's AI Chatbots.

Wisebot is an AI chatbot creator that helps creators, businesses, and institutions generate more engagement and save time by automating routine tasks. With Wisebot's platform, any content form - text, audio, or video - can be converted into a highly intuitive and personalized chatbot that interacts with users, customers, followers, or employees in real-time, 24/7.

Who Can Benefit from Wisebot's AI Chatbots?
Wisebot's AI Chatbots benefit an array of entities, ranging from creators and businesses to institutions and government agencies.

For creators, such as content wizards, podcasters, authors, Twitter thread writers, YouTube videos, thought leaders, niche websites/blogs, and eCommerce stores, Wisebot's AI chatbots offer a convenient way to automate routine tasks and save time for their users or customers. For instance, authors can use their chatbot to answer frequently asked questions, guide readers through their books, and provide literary recommendations. Likewise, podcasters can use their chatbot to summarize episodes, answer listener questions, or recommend similar podcasts.

For businesses, Wisebot's AI chatbots help them become a 10x company, creator, or brand, and stop repeating themselves over and over. Chatbots can be used for various tasks, from automating customer service to streamlining employee onboarding or enhancing financial management. eCommerce stores can use chatbots to help customers find the right product, provide quick answers to shipping or refund-related questions, or recommend related products. Real estate developers and agents can use chatbots to help customers find their dream homes or guide them throughout the selling process. Wisebot's AI chatbots can be used with messaging platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, or Teams, providing broader reach and accessibility to diverse audiences.

Wisebot's AI chatbots are not limited to businesses but also help institutions. Strategy consultants can use chatbots to help their clients find the right answers in their fields of expertise. Government agencies can use chatbots to help taxpayers quickly find solutions to their issues. Research companies can use chatbots to provide valuable insights to their clients. Schools and colleges can use chatbots to help students find what they need, answer questions related to courses, or guide them through the application process.

Why Choose Wisebot's AI Chatbots?
Wisebot's AI chatbots stand out from other chatbot solutions, thanks to their powerful features and unique approach.

Wisebot's AI chatbots provide fast and accurate answers with references and follow-up questions, saving time and effort for both creators and users. Users can ask their chatbot specific questions, and they will get accurate answers based on the content loaded. References can provide more context to the answers, ensuring that users can verify the information provided. Follow-up questions can help users dive deeper into the content or clarify any doubts, creating a personalized and engaging experience.

Wisebot's AI chatbots are also entirely personalized to a user's brand. From start to finish, Wisebot's AI chatbots can be customized to match the brand's look and feel, with custom branding elements, colors, and logos.

Wisebot's AI chatbots also ensure enhanced security for creators, businesses, and institutions. Files processed by Wisebot's AI chatbots are deleted after the bot's creation, providing bank-grade encryption (AES-256), and keeping the raw text processed in an isolated container. Wisebot's AI Chatbots are powered by OpenAI's cutting-edge AI, ensuring that all answers are truthful, accurate, and never made up.

Wisebot's AI chatbots support up to 95 different languages, providing a multilingual platform that can be used by various audiences. Furthermore, Wisebot's AI chatbots meet the core principles of the GDPR, ensuring that creators and businesses are entirely in control of their data.

Wisebot's AI chatbots are priced based on the number of chatbots needed, with enterprise solutions available.

Wisebot's AI chatbots also offer add-ons such as data preparation or chatbot integration, allowing creators and businesses to customize their chatbots according to their specific requirements.

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