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Master Your Video Presence with Virtual Sapiens: Unlock Your Potential in a Virtual World

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Virtual Sapiens empowers modern professionals by providing real-time feedback and personalized coaching to help them master their video presence and communication skills in a virtual world.

Virtual Sapiens is an innovative platform designed to help professionals master their communication skills in a virtual world. Through its pragmatic approach, Virtual Sapiens offers personalized guidance, AI, and real-time feedback that ensures professionals get results whether they're managers, sales professionals, job seekers, or interviewers. Virtual Sapiens' solutions are tailored to help virtual workers of any skill level overcome their blind spots in virtual communications to unlock their potential.

With over 60% of the workforce now relying on video calls for their day-to-day tasks, mastering video presence and communication is critical for any professional who wants to stay ahead of the competition. Existing tools in the market were built without human input; hence they cannot provide a comprehensive assessment of non-verbal communication on virtual platforms. Virtual Sapiens is solving this problem by combining human-in-the-loop with state-of-the-art AI that unlocks personal potential in virtual communication. With Virtual Sapiens' personalized guidance and insights, professionals are able to identify their blind spots, work to correct them, and achieve their communication goals.

Virtual Sapiens has an impressive track record of success with users from across industries. The platform has received numerous accolades for its unique approach to virtual communication, including being recognized by industry experts as one of the top innovative solutions in the virtual communication space. The team behind the platform comprises experienced communication and technology professionals, including PhDs in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Virtual Sapiens' solutions have also been tested and validated by numerous professionals. Users have reported significant personal improvement in their virtual communication skills. For example, "After years of using Zoom without any specific guidance, glad I discovered the Sidekick from Virtual Sapiens! With its AI/ML at work during my live video calls, I receive honest & real-time feedback on what I should NOT be doing. So I guess I shouldn't be eating a bagel during my conference call? Thanks for the nudges and alert Virtual Sapiens team!" (Jimmy, VP Commercial Banking)

Virtual Sapiens' platform includes the Sidekick, a tool that provides personalized guidance for virtual communication based on real-time feedback from AI that accurately identifies skill gaps. The platform also includes a pre-call assistant that helps users optimize their set-up for better performance and a post-call assessment that provides insights into areas that need improvement. Virtual Sapiens solutions are tailored to job seekers, interviewers, sales professionals, team leaders, and managers.

Overall, Virtual Sapiens is an exceptional platform that empowers professionals to develop and improve their virtual communication skills in a world where video presence matters. It solves the problem of existing virtual communication tools that do not assess non-verbal communication accurately. Virtual Sapiens provides valuable personalized guidance and insights to professionals of any skill level, ensuring maximum potential in virtual communication.