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UX Brain is an AI-powered sidekick that simplifies UX research by turning raw data into actionable insights. It provides a hassle-free experience to transcribe, summarize, and analyze data in multiple languages, saving your valuable time and effort.

UX Brain is a revolutionary AI-powered research tool built to simplify UX research, turning raw data into concise summaries and actionable insights. With UX Brain, users can conduct research, transcribe interviews, summarize and analyze findings with an effortless experience. The user-friendly platform offers a wide range of features that include transcript generation from audio or video files, project-level analysis, and chatbot assistance for research data.

One of UX Brain's most notable features is its ability to generate summaries and insights from raw data. By leveraging the power of GPT-3, the platform can quickly analyze data, transforming it into concise and valuable information. This saves users precious time and effort that would otherwise have been lost in time-consuming manual analysis.

UX Brain's transcript generation feature allows users to upload audio or video files, which can then be transcribed within minutes. The platform offers a unified player that makes it possible to listen to the audio, view the transcript, highlight important sections and jump to specific paragraphs from a single place. This feature is quite handy, as it eliminates the need to sift through hours of recordings.

Another exciting feature of UX Brain is its chatbot assistance for research data. Users can chat with their data to obtain insights, bullet points and answers to a broad range of specific queries, creating an easy-to-use chatGPT for research data. This makes it possible to unearth valuable insights right within the platform, thus streamlining the workflow and boosting efficiency.

For project-level analysis, UX Brain offers a bird's-eye view of the research data. Users can seamlessly connect the dots, gain valuable contextual understanding and drive informed decision-making. This feature is quite useful for identifying trends across multiple interviews, rather than getting lost in individual interviews.

UX Brain caters to users across multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. The platform's flexible pricing model offers users the freedom to pay monthly or yearly, and choose the best plan that suits their needs. Users can start for free with UX Brain's forever-free plan, which offers 30 minutes of transcription, research insights, chat with research data, and audio/video uploads.

At UX Brain, data security is a top priority. The platform leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data storage, with data encrypted using AES-256 encryption. User-level privacy is essential, and users have full control over who can access their data. Rest assured that your research data's safety is guaranteed with UX Brain, giving you the freedom to focus on your research.

Overall, UX Brain provides an impressive suite of features that simplifies UX research and boosts the efficiency of the workflow. By leveraging the power of AI and providing bird's-eye views, project-level analysis, and chatbot assistance, the platform makes it easier than ever to turn raw data into actionable insights. Try UX Brain today and streamline your UX research workflow with ease!