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Smart Copy: Your One-Stop Shop for AI-Generated Marketing Content

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Get more time for everything else with Smart Copy. Use AI to generate original and persuasive content for your marketing campaigns in seconds. Write powerful ad copy, emails, and landing pages with ease.

Smart Copy is the ultimate AI-powered content generation tool that helps you create original and persuasive marketing content in seconds. Engaging ads, emails, and landing pages are essential in growing your business, and with Smart Copy, you no longer have to waste time fighting with writer's block. This tool reads the entire internet and uses artificial intelligence to generate expert-level content on anything, including blog posts, product descriptions, and even poetic verse. With over 45 templates to choose from, you can launch campaigns way faster and even write matching ads and emails to transform your content into persuasive masterpieces. Smart Copy saves you time and removes the stress of creating content, so you can focus on everything else that matters. Sign up for free and start generating content for your project today—no credit card required.

Smart Copy offers three plans - Free, Essential, and Unlimited. The Free plan allows you to generate content for one project for free without any credit card requirements. The Essential plan offers enough credits to get your job done, including 200 credits per month for three projects. The Unlimited plan provides you with all the content you'll ever need with unlimited credits.

To use Smart Copy, you must choose from dozens of writing templates such as landing pages, emails, and ads. Then, provide context by telling the tool what you're writing about and who your target audience is. Smart Copy will then instantly generate multiple versions of your content, ready for you to review, edit, and publish. You can use the Google Chrome extension for Smart Copy while drafting emails, editing shared documents, or working on your website.

Smart Copy has received great reviews from users who found it incredibly helpful in generating creative, on-brand content. Smart Copy lets you write anything, be it powerful ad copy, landing pages that convert, or even sales emails that generate revenue for your business. With Smart Copy, you can never go wrong even when working under tight deadlines. Get started for free and enjoy the benefits of AI-generated marketing content today.