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Build Your Free Chatbot with ChatGPT and Embed Suportal for Effortless Customer Support

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ChatGPT lets you create customized chatbots for your website for free, while Suportal saves you hours of customer support time. Simply enter your website, let Suportal scan and learn about your product, and embed the chat on your site. Set your support on autopilot, it's easy and it's free!

Are you struggling to keep up with increasing customer support inquiries on your website? Do you find yourself answering the same basic questions over and over again? Say hello to ChatGPT and Suportal, the ultimate solutions to your customer support woes.

ChatGPT is a free platform that allows you to create custom chatbots for your website in seconds. Whether you want to answer common queries, redirect people to certain pages on your site, or just provide some friendly conversation, ChatGPT can do it all. The chatbots are trained from any website, ensuring they are tailored to your specific needs.

But creating a chatbot is only half the battle - you need to have a way for your customers to easily access it. This is where Suportal comes in. Suportal lets you embed a widget in the corner of your website that provides quick replies to customers' queries, saving both you and your customer time. Suportal scans and learns everything about your product in seconds, so there's no need to spend time training it. All you need to do is add a link to your support documentation on your website, and Suportal will do the rest.

So how does it work? First, enter your website into Suportal and click save. Suportal will begin to fetch every link from your website, a process that takes about ten minutes. Once all the links are displayed, you can easily search for your support documentation links. Then select all of the support links and click 'train.' Suportal will use this information to learn everything about your product in seconds, getting you ready to embed the chatbot on your site.

With ChatGPT and Suportal, you can set your customer support on autopilot and browse resources for future improvement. It's easy, it's free, and it's the ultimate solution to your customer support problems. Get started today and see the difference for yourself!