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Simplify your approach to knowledge management with Siedesk. Create a centralized knowledge base, FAQ pages, and help center for your customers and collaborators to improve satisfaction and productivity. Get started for free today. is a comprehensive knowledge management platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing knowledge bases, FAQ pages, and help centers for your customers and collaborators. With Siedesk, you can gather all the answers to your customers' and collaborators' questions in one centralized location for easy accessibility. Our user-friendly interface and search functionality allow your users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. Writing your articles is assisted by GPT, ensuring you offer relevant and clear content to your audience.

With Siedesk, you have the flexibility to customize the look of your help center to reflect your company's colors and logos or prefer a more minimalist approach. You can even publish your help center with the domain name of your choice and benefit from a free subdomain as well as a free SSL certificate to ensure the security of your customers' data. By using your own domain name for your help center, you can strengthen your brand image and improve your customers' trust in your company.

Our real-time tracking and analytics feature allows you to track the searches made by your customers, the number of views for each article, as well as likes and dislikes for each article published on your help center. These statistics can help you improve the most popular articles and revise those with the least success.

Siedesk offers features like internal and external knowledge base creation and management, easy-to-use and customizable FAQ page creation, GPT-assisted writing for quality support articles, free SSL certificates, SEO optimization, and real-time tracking and analytics. With Siedesk, provide fast and efficient customer support to your users while saving time with repetitive requests. Siedesk respects the privacy of our users, and offers resources, support, and transparent pricing. Try Siedesk now to amplify your customer satisfaction and productivity.