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Salient keeps your employees engaged and provides a deep understanding of your company's workforce trends. From reducing employee turnover to making headcount planning a breeze, Salient proactively identifies retention risks and surfaces the next steps for managers instantly. With features like industry-benchmarked retention risk scores and generative AI to ensure employee happiness.

Salient is a workforce engagement and retention platform that helps businesses understand their employee retention and satisfaction trends, cut by team or manager. Its industry-benchmarked retention risk score helps businesses proactively identify who is at risk of leaving their organization, 3 months ahead of time. With Salient, businesses can reduce employee turnover, make headcount planning a breeze, and surface the next steps for managers instantly.

Salient offers three pricing plans: Seed for $2 per person per month for up to 50 employees, Growth for $5 per person per month for up to 500 employees, and Enterprise for $8 per person per month for 500+ employees. Businesses can easily centralize their people data by collecting data from all their HR tools in a centralized platform.

Salient's generative AI helps ensure employee happiness by giving talent avenues to interact with HR effectively, making it easy for businesses to retain their top talent. Salient also integrates seamlessly with first-party data and offers past turnover analysis to help businesses understand existing trends.

Headcount planning has never been easier with Salient's drag-and-drop tools that allow businesses to plan headcount effortlessly. The platform helps businesses make better decisions by providing a deep understanding of their company's workforce trends.

Salient has been trusted by the best and has helped prevent over 50 resignations in the past 6 months, according to the Head of People at OneTrust. With Salient, businesses can engage, retain, and plan their workforce with ease.