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saasyDB provides weekly prospect lists for recently funded companies or SaaS businesses with verified employee profiles, including job titles, locations, LinkedIn profiles, and validated email addresses. Choose from two packages, or get both. Save time and money on prospecting and start reaching out to the right person with ease.

saasyDB is an innovative subscription service that provides businesses with weekly prospect lists for recently funded companies or SaaS businesses with verified employee profiles. With saasyDB, businesses can easily keep their outreach funnels full and find the perfect prospect for their needs. Each week, subscribers receive around 250 companies with their info and fundraising specifications, plus employee information at each company including name, location, title, LinkedIn profiles, and a verified email address. With up to 25,000 employee emails a month, saasyDB offers a wide range of employees, from the C-Suite to HR, engineers, marketing, and more. What sets saasyDB apart from other prospecting tools and data providers is its unique algorithm for finding unpublished company email addresses, allowing them to provide ten times as many employee profiles per company compared to their competition. Businesses no longer need to hire assistants to do research for them or try to find potential prospects themselves. With saasyDB, subscribers receive data every week that they can feed into their cold email system or use for outreach. saasyDB is ideal for anyone doing targeted outreach where precision matters, including email marketers, investors, job seekers, professional services firms, SEOs, and tech sales. With saasyDB, subscribers receive fresh prospects every single week, allowing them to refill their queues and stay on top of their outreach efforts. saasyDB offers two different packages: recently funded companies or SaaS companies. The SaaS Company package focuses solely on B2B SaaS businesses, while the Funded Company package includes data on a variety of industries, including hospitality, healthcare, consumer services, gaming, social media, pet, financial services, e-commerce, automotive, and more. Subscribers can choose the right data for their needs and save money by signing up annually or getting both packages. saasyDB even offers free sample data for those who want to see what their data is like before subscribing. With their unique algorithm for finding unpublished company email addresses and their commitment to providing subscribers with up-to-date and verified employee profiles, saasyDB is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their lead generation process and focus on what they do best.