Simplifying text for low literacy levels

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Read makes text easy to understand for individuals with low literacy levels. Our technology simplifies text, offering support for multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese. As an editor or developer, use our API and plugins to ensure your text is accessible to all.

Read is a revolutionary platform that simplifies text, making it easier for individuals with low literacy levels to understand. Our technology is built for editors and developers, offering simple solutions to complex problems.

In today's digital era, it is vital to ensure that everyone can access information online, regardless of their literacy level. According to studies, in the United States, 54% of adults have a literacy level below that of a sixth-grader, and in Europe, roughly 20 to 25% of the population is considered functionally illiterate. These staggering numbers highlight the need for platforms like Read that can bridge the gap between digital content and low literacy levels.

At Read, we offer support for a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese. Our aim is to provide equal opportunities for people from diverse linguistic backgrounds to access online information. Whether you are an editor or developer, our API and plugins are compatible with a wide range of popular platforms and technologies, including React, React Native, Swift, Vue.js, WordPress, and custom development solutions.

As an editor, you can use Read to check if your text is simple enough for people with a reading disability. Our platform provides feedback on which words or sentences you need to change and why they are too difficult. This helps you to ensure that your content is accessible to all, including those with low literacy levels.

In conclusion, Read is a pioneering platform that is simplifying text for low literacy levels. Our aim is to make online information accessible to all, regardless of their literacy level or linguistic background. Join us today and make your website or app more inclusive and accessible to everyone.