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QuantPlus turns performance data into valuable insights that help businesses create high-performing ads. Using the world's first AI engine that analyzes ad creativity at the element level, QuantPlus provides insights into the top-performing creative elements in any industry and any country around the world.

QuantPlus is a game-changer in the world of advertising. With its unique approach to analyzing ad creatives, QuantPlus provides valuable insights that help businesses create more effective ads for their target audience. The company's AI engine deconstructs every ad at the element level, analyzing, categorizing, and ranking trillions of data points to identify the highest-performing creative elements in any industry and any country.

Unlike other multi-variant testing platforms or AI ad performance tools, QuantPlus offers insights that these tools cannot provide, at the time when they are most relevant. By analyzing historical data from campaigns that have already run, the company goes infinitely deeper, deconstructing every element in every ad to provide valuable insights.

QuantPlus can provide insights into the top-performing elements, such as the call-to-action phrase combinations, imagery, content objects, colors, keywords, element type, prominence, category type, gender distribution, and many more. These insights help businesses make informed design decisions that are focused on results.

The company's world-first technology identifies proven high-ranking creative elements in historical ad creatives, giving businesses the secret insights to creating stronger future ad creatives. With the answers about what performs best, businesses can create high-performing campaigns with ROI gains up to 300%+.

QuantPlus has analyzed trillions of data points and continues to analyze ads from a broad range of sources, deconstructing every ad to gain meaningful insights. The company provides industry country reports that give businesses a comprehensive understanding of creative elements proven to perform best in particular industries and countries, allowing them to create successful ad campaigns for different countries and cultures.

QuantPlus offers custom made reports to companies that want to analyze their ad campaigns’ creative and provides insights into high-performing creative elements in their industry. The company's unique approach turns big data into industry country reports that help businesses produce better-informed, pre-launched, and pre-optimized creative for their next ad campaign.

QuantPlus prides itself on being a pioneer in the new world of AI-driven advertising, helping advertisers achieve better ROI than ever before. With offices in Sydney, New York, and Canada, QuantPlus is a global company that provides valuable insights to businesses around the world.