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Supercharge your business with Purple Wave's AI-powered marketing platform. Instantly generate marketing assets, integrate with Stripe for easy payments, and launch your own apps on Apple Store and Google Play. Let Picky, our AI assistant, build your funnel, page, and email campaigns in minutes. Equip your digital marketing team with the latest innovations or gain a competitive edge.

Purple Wave is a cutting-edge AI-powered marketing platform that helps businesses supercharge their digital marketing efforts. With Purple Wave, businesses can instantly generate all their marketing assets, from complete sales funnels to personalized e-mail campaigns, in just a few clicks. And, thanks to Picky - our AI assistant - businesses can easily build, launch, and grow their web apps to serve their customers.

Purple Wave is perfect for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve by equipping their teams with the latest digital marketing innovations or gaining a competitive edge in today's marketplace. With Purple Wave, businesses can easily create and automate email campaigns, unlocking the full potential of their email marketing efforts. From personalized welcome messages to abandoned cart reminders, our automation platform does all the work for you, delivering timely, targeted messages that resonate with your audience and drive results.

In addition to its email marketing automation feature, Purple Wave also offers businesses a range of other powerful tools to help them succeed in the digital marketing space. These include a stripe integration for easy payment collection, subscription plans, and one-click upsells - all with no coding required. Businesses can easily build their apps, which are available on both Apple Store and Google Play, to reach millions of potential users across various devices.

One of the highlights of Purple Wave is Picky - our AI assistant, which can build a complete funnel and sales page in less than three minutes. By copy-pasting campaign content into the platform, Picky builds the copywriting, design, and development for a sales page that matches the product exactly.

All of these powerful features are backed up by exceptional customer service and regular updates from the dedicated team at Purple Wave, ensuring your apps and campaigns stay ahead of the competition. So, whether you're looking to supercharge your business or gain a competitive edge in today's marketplace, join the wave of AI innovation with Purple Wave today.