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Next-Level Machine Learning Inference with Pipeline Catalyst

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Pipeline Catalyst provides a serverless and cost-effective solution for deploying and running machine learning models, with reduced GPU usage and up-to-date enterprise hardware. Their platform offers unlimited requests, low latency, and rapid support, making it easy to scale as your product grows. Join over 4,500 customers already using Pipeline Catalyst and start your AI journey today.

Pipeline Catalyst is a serverless platform that provides a fast and cost-effective solution for running machine learning models. As a data scientist or machine learning engineer, you can use Pipeline Catalyst to deploy your own models or run pre-trained models with just one API call. The platform offers reduced GPU usage, up-to-date enterprise hardware, and unlimited requests, allowing you to quickly test, validate, and deploy your models without worrying about infrastructure management or scalability issues.

One of the main advantages of using Pipeline Catalyst is the reduced GPU usage with serverless computing, which allows you to save on costs compared to other cloud-based solutions like AWS or GCP. You can also benefit from the use of up-to-date enterprise hardware, such as NVIDIA Ampere and Volta GPUs, ensuring that you have access to the latest technology for your machine learning projects. Moreover, the platform can handle cloud infrastructure as you scale, so you can focus on developing your models and improving their accuracy.

Another benefit of using Pipeline Catalyst is the low latency and reliable response times, which are essential for real-time applications that require fast and accurate predictions. The platform also provides rapid support with personal specialist help, so you can get assistance whenever you need it.

With Pipeline Catalyst's open source library, you can convert your machine learning models to a pipeline and get access to their API within minutes, regardless of the framework you used to build them. The platform supports popular machine learning frameworks like ONNX, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Hugging Face, XGBoost, and Spacy, among others, making it easy to integrate with your existing workflow.

Pipeline Catalyst also offers access to pre-trained models in their dashboard, including state-of-the-art AI models like GPT-J, Diffusion, Text2Img, Img2Img, ESRGAN, DALL·E Mini, DALL·E Mega, GPT-2 Large, GPT-2 Medium, and GPT-Neo, among others. These models are available as an API, allowing you to use them with just one call and without any need for additional training.

Finally, Pipeline Catalyst is affordable with a pricing plan starting at $12.99 per month and $0.00055 per second of compute. New users can also benefit from $20 worth of free compute, making it easy to get started with machine learning on their platform. Join over 4,500+ customers already using Pipeline Catalyst, and start your AI journey today.