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Pencil is an AI Ad Generator that helps brands & agencies generate new ad variations 10x faster, trusted by 3,000+ brands and agencies to generate over 1,000,000 AI ad creatives. With Pencil, you get the ultimate combination of creative humans and generative AI, making ad creative production fast, easy, cost-effective, and more efficient than ever before.

Pencil is the AI ad generator that is changing the game in the advertising industry, enabling brands and agencies to create new ad variations faster and with lower production costs. Their AI-powered platform is trusted by more than 3,000 brands and agencies to generate over 1 million AI ad creatives, delivering results that can't be achieved using traditional manual methods. With Pencil, you have access to the ultimate combination of creative humans and generative AI that is fast, efficient, cost-effective, and delivers results.

The platform uses generative AI to automate creative production, making it easy to create static and video ad creatives with just a few clicks. To get started, all you need is to connect your data from your ad accounts to learn from winning ads, see insights, and train predictions. You can also connect to your store or assets library to import branding, images, videos, and product information. Then, you can either generate new ad creatives yourself in minutes or receive creatives made by your Creative Assistant.

The pencil uses AI to predict and edit ad creatives, making simple edits that are so important to performance testing in real-time. The editing process is easy and allows you to achieve the perfect result. Moreover, the platform provides clarity on what's working in your creatives, so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn't. By using AI insights, you can see what copy, creatives, and even design elements are common across your winning and losing ads.

Pencil is perfect for all platforms, from Facebook ads to Instagram ads, TikTok ads, YouTube ads, and Amazon ads. You can easily edit ad creatives to achieve the perfect results, and Pencil's editor allows you to make the simple edits that are so important to performance testing in real time. With Pencil, generating unlimited ad creatives has never been easier.

Pencil's goal is to help brands and agencies to increase creative scale, lower production costs, and improve their results by automating creative production. Their innovative AI-powered platform is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from startups with a limited budget to larger corporations looking to streamline their ad process. With Pencil, you have access to the world's most powerful creative AI, making it easy to level the playing field and create winning ad campaigns.

Pencil has received praise from brands and agencies, including enterprise and e-commerce marketers, growth marketers, agency marketers, and more. They appreciate the ease and efficiency of generating and iterating upon ad creatives, saving time and money while increasing performance.

In conclusion, Pencil is the AI ad generator that is revolutionizing the advertising industry, trusted by thousands of brands and agencies to deliver outstanding results. With Pencil, you can create winning ads 10x faster with AI, automate creative production, and unlock your next level of growth. Ready to get started? Sign up for a free account today.