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osher.ai is a powerful tool that allows businesses to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to interact with websites, intranets, knowledge bases, and more. With customizable AI, multi-user interactions, and strong security measures, osher.ai is the perfect choice for businesses of any size looking to streamline their processes.

osher.ai is a personal AI designed to help businesses unlock the full potential of Artificial Intelligence. With osher.ai, businesses can interact with their customer base or staff like never before, whether it be through their websites, intranets, knowledge bases, process documents, spreadsheets, and procedures.

One of the most striking features of osher.ai is its ability to build custom AI for businesses that can be personalized to suit their specific needs. With osher.ai, businesses can now create personalized chatbots that can be trained on practically anything related to their business.

Another great feature of osher.ai is the customizable AIs. Businesses can choose the name, color, personality, purpose, and a welcome message that aligns with their brand. This customizability allows the business to make the AI truly their own, enhancing customer satisfaction, which is a key driver for any business success.

In addition to the customizable AI, osher.ai offers multi-user interactions, where the bot can chat with multiple individuals at a time. This feature is currently available to enterprise subscribers. Soon they will be able to interact with their bot via messaging systems such as Slack and Teams.

Businesses that want to take advantage of osher.ai can choose from one of three pricing plans. The Personal plan, the Start-Up plan, and the Business plan. The Personal plan is ideal for personal use on a website or project with a single custom AI. On the other hand, the Start-Up plan is best for small businesses that want to control access to their content. This plan includes two custom AIs, 20 documents, two websites, and 500 URLs. Lastly, the Business plan is best for larger organizations that need multiple AIs. This plan includes unlimited custom AIs, 200 documents, three websites, and 5,000 URLs.

osher.ai also offers Enterprise plans and custom integrations. Businesses can train the custom AI on their internal knowledge base, process documents, and files. They can create private AIs that have access to confidential internal data and embed them on their private intranet, limiting access by domain. They can also develop public AIs that can explain customer facing data, such as website content.

With osher.ai, businesses can breathe easy knowing that their data privacy is secure. The company employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to keep financial information safe. Also, given that osher.ai is built on enterprise-level technology, it is designed to scale with the business.

Overall, osher.ai is an excellent tool for businesses of any size looking to streamline their processes and improve their customer service. The exceptional features, customization abilities, and multi-user interactions make this tool a must-have for any business looking to get ahead in the game.