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Streamline your cold outreach with Opnbx's generative AI that understands your prospects like never before. Create personalized emails that open doors and watch your pipeline grow.

Opnbx offers a prospect-centric approach to cold outreach, using generative AI that understands your prospects in ways the average cold email never could. With Opnbx, you can create customized emails that generate results and open doors. Trusted by sellers at fast-growing tech companies, Opnbx saves hours on writing sales emails without sacrificing personalization. With just your email and LinkedIn, Opnbx will send you a personalized email, testifying to its effectiveness. Opnbx also offers a free trial of all premium features with no credit card required, free rewrites, and one-liners forever. Join our community of sales reps and leaders scaling their outbound with personalization, and let Opnbx do the heavy lifting for you.