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OpinioAI, the AI research platform, helps you source relevant insights, data, and opinions in a simple, fast, and scalable way without relying on polls or surveys. Build your buyer personas, evaluate the content, and kickstart your marketing research with AI – all with OpinioAI!

OpinioAI is a research platform that harnesses the power of AI language models to help researchers around the world source insights, data, and opinions quickly and efficiently. The platform replaces costly polls, surveys, and other traditional data collection methods with powerful AI models and data simulations to provide researchers with nuanced and detailed feedback.

The MVP for OpinioAI provides a basic feature set, applying persona traits over a vanilla model to provide powerful and relevant opinions that can kickstart marketing, product, or social research. It helps researchers work faster, easier, and leaner by taking a simpler opinion-based approach that uses natural language processing to understand the context and nuance of the feedback.

One of the key features of OpinioAI is the ability to build buyer personas based on a clear focus set by the user. This feature allows researchers to discover relevant insights fast and focus all their research in a frame that is essential for them. The platform also allows for asking predefined personas any questions you like, similar to ChatGPT but with a stronger focus that enables you to evaluate positioning statements, value propositions, USPs, pains, challenges, and more – all from your core personas' perspective.

With OpinioAI, researchers can replace traditional data collection methods with a more straightforward, opinion-based approach that uses large language models like GPT-3 to simulate human samples and extract their opinions in detail and nuance. By exploring the possibilities of these AI models and their power, OpinioAI intends to continue expanding the platform's feature set to cover fine-tuned models, complex survey designs, bulk answers, analysis, and reporting.

In conclusion, OpinioAI is a powerful, easy-to-use research platform that harnesses the power of AI to help researchers kickstart their marketing, product, or social research with relevant insights, data, and opinions in a simple, fast, and scalable way. Join now and start sourcing the insights you need – all with OpinioAI!