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Last Updated:, created by the team at, offers a GPT-3 OpenAI powered AI tool that allows you to effortlessly generate engaging and eye-catching press releases.

Generating press releases can be a demanding task that requires considerable time and effort. However,'s team has developed, a generative AI press release writing tool that can help you produce captivating press releases in mere minutes. With the powerful GPT-3 OpenAI technology, provides you with various marketing tools to disseminate your news to Google News and over 500 other websites. is an exceptional tool that offers users an effortless approach to generate press releases without having to invest a considerable amount of time and resources. With just a few clicks, you can create a press release with as few as 100 descriptive words and get all of Newsworthy's news marketing tools to distribute your news. However, it is important to note that and its technology recommend that human editing should be done instead of relying entirely on AI generated content.

The website's section guides users through two options. The first option is writing a press release from scratch in a step-by-step format. It involves describing your news announcement, adding a quote or two, and giving your corporate email address, which is where your press release will be emailed. The website even provides tips for the user, including the use of new product announcements, events/conferences, speaking engagements, awards, business growth/milestones, partnerships, new hires/promotions, funding news, content (books, research, etc.), tools & resources.

The second option is to improve an existing press release by pasting it in the second step form. returns unique, creative ideas that could help you improve your already written press release. is designed to provide you with high-quality content using the persuasive GPT-3 OpenAI technology that is exceptional at generating compelling narrative content.

Additionally, provides users with SalesNexus, an email platform, which they can use to take their press release distributions to the next level. The website also offers free, a tool to detect if your copy was generated by AI. This provides a valuable service to users who need to check if they are using AI-generated content.

Towards the bottom of the website, users can also enjoy additional features such as the guide on perfect press release style by David McInnis. Users can join the website's micro-influencer program and get paid for sharing their content. is a service of the News Marketing Service,, based in Texas, USA.

In conclusion, is an excellent tool that provides users with innovative technology to generate captivating press releases. Its user-friendly interface and efficient writing tools enable users to create content easily. With the comprehensive tutorials and guides available on the website, it's easy to see why is an essential tool that should be in every business's marketing toolbox.