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n8n is a powerful workflow automation tool designed for technical people who want to build complex automations faster and without fighting with APIs. With n8n’s user-friendly UI and sharable templates, even less technical team members can collaborate on workflows. Start building today for free with n8n.

n8n is a powerful workflow automation tool that allows technical people to build complex automations 10X faster and without fighting with APIs. If you are tired of slogging through a spaghetti of scripts, n8n is here to help. Its user-friendly UI and sharable templates mean that even less technical team members can collaborate on workflows. You can connect apps, automate processes, and integrate data without stressing over budget. n8n provides 350+ native integrations, independent instances, and customizable error handling to help you scale your workflows faster and easier.

With n8n, you can build custom scenarios at speed by implementing multiple triggers, branching and merging workflows, and pausing flows to wait for external events. You can even code when you need it and skip it when you don’t. n8n allows you to integrate with any app painlessly and provides a bulk operation feature to help you manage your leads and focus on KPIs rather than APIs.

Whether you are a startup with a tight budget or a seasoned enterprise seeking the best automation solution out there, n8n offers you a unique value proposition. Its pricing is based on the number of workflows you create, allowing you to make your flows as complex as you like without fear of breaking the bank. You can self-host n8n for free or pay for a package of workflows in the cloud. With n8n, the best tech bends to your will, not the other way around.

But what sets n8n apart is its community of over 55,385 members, who share their knowledge and expertise to help you resolve 99% of issues in hours, not months. You can expect same-day responses from n8n engineers and community experts almost every time. n8n provides a 6K-strong forum where you can ask questions, share ideas, and find support. This is why the best minds in the industry choose n8n - from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge workflow automation tool that puts you in control, n8n is the right choice. Sign up for the hosted n8n Cloud or self-host with a one-line npm command or a Docker installation. Pull in data, set up triggers, use 220+ app nodes to create, read, and update data across your apps, and automate without limits. Audit, tweak, and fork n8n’s codebase to suit your needs. Easily keep your data secure and ensure compliance with data privacy laws. White label our UI to give your customers access to 220+ native integrations. Start building your workflows today with n8n.