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Discover MYTH AI, the ultimate pattern design tool that empowers businesses of all sectors to uplift their design game. This AI-based technology provides remarkable digital and green transformation to match the 4.0 industry requirements. Improve your design capability, reduce production and design costs, and increase customer satisfaction by 70% - all with MYTH AI.

MYTH AI is revolutionizing the pattern design industry with its cutting-edge technology and AI-based approach. The state-of-the-art pattern design tool brings together designers and businesses, empowering them to uplift their design game, while also providing digital and green transformation to match the 4.0 industry requirements. With MYTH AI, businesses can enhance their design capability, reduce their production and design cost, and increase customer satisfaction by 70%.

Thanks to the innovative and efficient design-suggestion algorithms used in MYTH AI, designers no longer have to spend hours racking their brains for inspiration. MYTH AI inputs the desired pattern and outputs any number of designs to choose from, inspired just in seconds. The software also reduces manual labor and streamlines the design process - something that used to require specialized skills and extensive training.

Businesses of all sectors can benefit from our tool, particularly in the textile industry where pattern designing is not only an art but also an essential business aspect. With MYTH AI, textile industries can reduce the design and production process's lead time by 80%, saving time and resources. MYTH AI is proud to supply leading global brands like Sun Tektsil, H&M, and Inditex as a contracted manufacturer and supplier of efficient design solutions.

MYTH AI has references and collaborations with global tech and design industry giants such as Istanbul Technical University Teknokent, Women & Women, Global Design Industry Organization Techxtile, and INNOGATE.

At MYTH AI, we believe that technology should empower humanity, not replace it. Our technology aims to assist designers and businesses, enabling them to focus on the creative aspect of design and increase their productivity.

To learn more about our company, technology, and career opportunities, visit our website. Join us today in elevating your design efficiency and driving green and digital transformation in your sector.