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Mnemonic AI helps modern businesses improve their customer intelligence through innovative next-gen technology. With AI-generated personas, personality analysis and brand alignment testing, Mnemonic revolutionizes marketing outreach for better sales and retention. Book a demo now to get started!

Marketing has undergone a digital revolution in the last decade, with most consumers preferring to shop and search online. The downside of this shift is that customers are now bombarded with over 3000 ads per day, ranging from relevant to irrelevant products. Advertisers need to cut through the clutter and engage customers with personalised content that speaks directly to them.

Mnemonic AI offers a one-stop-shop for next-generation customer intelligence that helps advertisers understand their customers on an entirely new level. The platform was created to put the fun back into marketing and make it a creative way to connect with customers.

The advertising industry is plagued with problems; advertising systems are cluttered with options, tracking relies on cookie technology from the last century, and customers' opinions change incredibly fast. Sometimes, it feels like you need a computer science, psychology, and marketing degree simultaneously to get a campaign off the ground, and just to see the ROI crumble by costs and not converting customers. But Mnemonic AI has been created to solve these problems and streamline the process.

The platform uses deep neural network technology to decipher what customers really want and how to propel your outreach to the next level. It offers AI-generated personas that receive profound and data-driven recommendations. The personas are unbiased, profound, and do not rely on templates. The AI analysis connects the dots and provides recommendations to help the user revolutionize their outreach with AI recommendations.

Apart from personas, Mnemonic AI analyses customer and brand personality traits. The customer personality analysis is based on the Big 5 personality model (OCEAN), which determines how people react to stimuli, including marketing messages. The brand personality analysis tests the alignment with your customers and differentiates your brand from competitors.

Mnemonic AI's customers vouch for the effectiveness of the platform. The team provides precision customer insights and meets deadlines with ease. They have helped customers achieve their 2022 pipeline numbers with their execution and deliverables.

Overall, Mnemonic AI offers an innovative platform to solve the challenges encountered in the advertising industry. Their revolutionized approach to customer intelligence provides precision, data-driven insights that help businesses reach their audiences with personalized messaging. Contact them today to start improving your marketing outreach!