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Marvin: Your Go-To Library for AI-Powered Software

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Marvin is an open-source library that integrates AI directly into your codebase, making it easy to build AI-powered software. With this, you can create AI models that convert unstructured data into structured information and AI functions that can process and generate data without source code. Marvin provides developer experience, enabling you to build sophisticated pipelines with ease.

Marvin is an open-source library that empowers developers to integrate AI directly into their codebase without the need for complex code writing. Meet Marvin: a batteries-included library that combines the potent reasoning capabilities of AI with the sturdy, type-safe boundaries set by Pydantic. Marvin introduces two new concepts: AI models and AI functions.

AI models, grounded in Pydantic, offer a transformative approach to data processing by converting unstructured contexts into type-safe outputs that validate against your model schema. This empowers developers to interrogate their data through their schema. AI models present an elegant solution that combines the potent reasoning capabilities of AI with the sturdy, type-safe boundaries set by Pydantic.

AI functions differ from conventional ones in that they don't rely on source code, but instead generate their outputs on-demand using an LLM as a runtime to process structured data. With AI functions, developers can process structured data, make a list of all the animals in a paragraph, generate JSON documents from HTML content, extract keywords that match some criteria or categorize sentiment with ease. AI functions and models work with native data types, so developers can seamlessly integrate them into any codebase and chain them into sophisticated pipelines.

Marvin leverages "functional prompt engineering" to build a battle-tested and typesafe interface to LLMs. This library aims to provide an unparalleled developer experience by exposing the API through drop-in decorators. Developers can reach for LLMs when it's the right tool for the job. Marvin is powered by a fleet of powerful, flexible, and secure bots that can be given specific instructions, personalities or roles. Our TUI makes it easy to work with bots and tracks threads across multiple bots.

Marvin is constructed on open standards like Pydantic, FastAPI, Langchain, and Prefect. It is available as a Python API, interactive CLI, or FastAPI server. Marvin's code is available on Github, and developers can follow our Discord server for exciting updates.

Developers can use Marvin to add AI capabilities wherever they'll be most impactful, without needing to start from scratch. Marvin's prompt is designed to optimize for useful outcomes, making it easy to deploy cutting-edge AI technology with confidence.

Although Marvin is a high-level library designed to make AI integration more manageable for developers, it does have a few limitations. Marvin is not suitable for developers who want full control of their AI, want an AI copilot for writing code, or want to use other LLM models. For those seeking existential enlightenment, Marvin suggests seeking beyond its capabilities.

In conclusion, Marvin is a library that streamlines AI integration, empowering developers to add AI capabilities with ease. Whether you're processing structured data or building bots, Marvin provides an unparalleled developer experience, making it a go-to library for AI-powered software.