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Intently helps drive sales with AI precision by finding ready-to-buy prospects and engaging them with personalized outreach. Their algorithms pinpoint prospects with buying intent signals relevant to your offering, providing exhaustive profiles and tailored outreach messages that build genuine relationships.

Intently is an AI-driven sales acceleration platform that helps businesses drive sales with precision by identifying and engaging ready-to-buy prospects. Their platform provides businesses with personalized outreach that shows a clear understanding of the prospect's needs, way ahead of the competition. With Intently, businesses can get a ranked list of prospects based on their likelihood of buying, understand their specific needs, and craft tailored proposals to close deals faster.

One of the difficulties in sales is finding buyers with current needs. It can be tough for human sales teams to filter through vast amounts of data to pinpoint prospects with buying intent signals relevant to their offering. But with Intently's algorithms, this task is as easy as pie. Intently's system analyzes a wealth of data to pinpoint prospects with buying intent signals relevant to their offerings. Businesses can arm their sales teams with the most up-to-date information to engage with the right leads, at the right time, every time.

Intently goes above and beyond basic lead and company information by providing valuable context on each prospect's specific needs. Businesses can learn what topics their prospects are researching and what solutions they are looking for. With this information, businesses can craft tailored proposals that speak directly to the prospects' needs, increasing the chances of closing deals.

But Intently doesn't stop there. Their AI-powered outreach messages are tailored to the prospect's needs and interests, making it seem like businesses spent hours crafting their message. Intently believes in making a great first impression and building genuine relationships from the very start. With Intently, sales and marketing teams can focus on building a faster-converting pipeline and closing deals, resulting in a 70% uplift in conversion rates, 2.9x higher average deal size, and 4x faster revenue growth.

To join Intently's waitlist, simply visit their website and sign up. Businesses can sell with intent and achieve their sales goals faster. For any career or other inquiries, contact Intently via email.