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InsertChatGPT offers a user-friendly and affordable cloud-based chatbot platform that allows businesses to create and integrate their own AI chatbots without any coding. With pre-defined behaviors, cloud fine-tuning, and unlimited widgets, InsertChatGPT lets you embed your customized chatbots anywhere and engage with your users instantly.

InsertChatGPT is a leading AI chatbot platform that lets you create and customize your own chatbots with your brand and pre-defined behaviors. Our cloud-based chatbot builder allows businesses to integrate their existing data from documents, websites, and videos with no coding required. With our user-friendly platform, you can train your chatbots on your existing data, and our latest GPT-3.5 Turbo model ensures that your chatbots respond with the highest level of accuracy, making it easier for you to transform your customer experience with intelligent chat.

InsertChatGPT's advanced chat interface offers complete customization with pre-defined behaviors and cloud fine-tuning options, so you can tailor the chatbot to your specific needs and get the most out of your customer interactions. With unlimited widgets and usage, all with no branding, you have complete control over how the chat appears and functions on your website, allowing for instant engagement with your users.

At InsertChatGPT, we recognize that every business has unique needs, which is why we offer multiple pre-defined widgets that can be fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements. Our platform supports multiple data sources, providing businesses with the flexibility to input their data in a variety of formats.

InsertChatGPT is committed to providing the best pricing options for businesses of all sizes. We offer affordable, transparent pricing options with no hidden fees, ranging from our Basic plan at $15.83 per month to our Enterprise plan at $415.83 per month, depending on your business's chatbot needs.

Our platform supports several languages, and training the chatbot on documents, websites, and texts is all possible with InsertChatGPT. We also offer dedicated support agents for our Enterprise customers, along with API access and the ability to use your own OpenAI keys to keep your users' data secure.

Our platform offers a 30-day refund policy while we also keep you informed about your monthly query limits. We guarantee that there are no hidden fees, and you only pay for what you use - making our pricing affordable and transparent.

Finally, InsertChatGPT is built with care by our experienced team of AI engineers who understand the needs of businesses and their users. We are committed to improving the chatbot experience, allowing businesses to engage with their users instantly and build long-term relationships through personalized interactions. Join our Discord to find assistance and support, and contact us to learn more.