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"Crawl the Web Your Way with Horseman - Your Endlessly Configurable Crawling Companion"

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"Join the community of developers, SEO specialists, and digital agencies using Horseman to crawl the web the way they want. With an endless selection of snippets and AI-powered assistance, Horseman lets you extract all the information you need from any website. Try Horseman now and supercharge your crawling capabilities."

Horseman is a one-of-a-kind crawiling companion designed for frontend developers, performance analysts, digital agencies, accessibility experts, SEO specialists, and JavaScript engineers. It provides extensive configuration options that allow you to crawl the web the way you want. With Horseman, you can extract all the information you need from any website and supercharge your snippets for expert insights across your whole site.

Powered by snippets, Horseman allows you to interact with websites to manipulate them and extract information. It offers over 120 essential snippets designed for developers, tinkerers, content creators, technical SEOs and more. The snippets are tiny pieces of JavaScript code that can automate Chrome's DevTools console interactions across an entire site. You can even let AI write the snippet for you with the new Horseman v0.3. It allows you to describe the information you want to extract and uses AI to write the code.

Horseman is endlessly configurable and provides detailed updates with GPT3.5 to crawl the web. You can use page content with prompts to combine any piece of page data, or send the entire page to GPT for analysis. The feature allows you to explore deeper with the new Insights functionality and create snippets with an AI helper instead, even if you don't know JavaScript. Also, you can analyze the sentiment of your H1 headings through Horseman's Sentiment Analysis snippet.

With Mozilla's readability.js, you can use Horseman to extract information intelligently, and summarize content with GPT. Spot the elements that overflow the page and improve your website's accessibility by diagnosing and fixing the problem with the Overflowing Elements snippet.

New users can easily access Horseman via GitHub Sponsors at Early Bird prices. The platform also provides access to early development versions of other sites and tools, disable support messages on their CLI tools, and get a sponsor badge on their GitHub profile. With Horseman, you can explore deeper, supercharge your snippets, and personalize your crawling techniques with ease. Try Horseman now and crawl the web your way.