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Meet Holly, Your AI-Powered Virtual Recruiter

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Holly is the AI-powered solution to all your recruitment needs. With Holly, you get a fully automated recruitment process that saves you time and money while still securing the best candidates for the job. By engaging with candidates on your behalf, Holly learns from you and improves her candidate outreach, ensuring that future candidates are an even better match.

Holly is the virtual recruiter every organization needs. Your one-stop-shop for all recruitment needs, Holly’s tool is designed to make your recruitment process a breeze. With Holly on your team, you get a fully automated recruitment process that guarantees the best candidates for the job. At a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment methods, Holly's services are accessible to startups, SMBs, and large organizations alike who want to streamline their recruitment process and focus on what matters most to them.

Holly's process to recruitment is as simple as it gets. Start by giving her your job description, and answer questions she has to gain a deeper understanding of your company's specific requirements. With this knowledge, she goes to work creating a highly curated list of candidates on a weekly basis. Once Holly presents the list to you and you approve the candidates, she’ll start reaching out to them on your behalf. Her skills at engaging with candidates are second to none, and you can easily install the LinkedIn plugin to let her answer candidate questions and guide them to book interviews with you.

However, Holly doesn't stop there. Holly works where you work - she's designed to integrate with other platforms, including Slack and Gmail, that you use for your business, making the recruitment process as smooth as possible. Holly is trained on hundreds of open roles and thousands of candidates, and she's great at understanding deeply technical roles. She is even trained to be on the lookout for spam and fake profiles, ensuring you only get the best candidate pool to choose from.

Holly's standout feature is how she's built to think and behave like a human recruiter would. She's designed for you to interact with her easily, in a human way. By providing feedback on the candidates she’s provided to you or after interviews, she’ll improve her candidate outreach for you and make sure future candidates are an even better match - it's like having a dedicated recruitment team at your side all the time.

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