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Careerflow is a job search tracker that helps you streamline your job search by offering AI-generated cover letters, automated job tracking, skill gap analysis, and much more! Their Chrome extension makes it easy to import job listings from any website and organize them all in one dashboard.

Are you tired of feeling lost and stressed during your job search? Look no further than Careerflow - the job search tracker that makes your life easier.

With over 200,000 job seekers already trusting Careerflow, you too can join the wave of successful job searches utilizing their AI Copilot. Careerflow offers an array of features to optimize your job search, including automated job tracking, skill gap analysis, and AI-generated cover letters. Their Chrome extension makes it easy to consolidate all your job applications in one dashboard without the need for spreadsheets.

But Careerflow doesn't stop there. In fact, they're just getting started. Users can take advantage of their AI LinkedIn Writer, AI Resume Review, Resume Builder, and much more, all for free!

De-stress your job search with Careerflow and focus on what matters most - landing your dream job. Their Techstars Accelerator Oakland Class of 2023 selection speaks volumes to their dedication to improving the job search industry.

Need help crafting a compelling cover letter? No problem, Careerflow has you covered with ChatGPT. Want to optimize your LinkedIn profile? Their AI Copilot has been proven to increase search appearances by 2.5X in as little as 10 minutes.

But Careerflow isn't just about the technology. They're focused on building a community to support job seekers. Their job search blog offers tips and tricks to stand out in the job market, and their community of over 6,000 members shares job opportunities and offers a supportive network.

Take advantage of Careerflow's AI-assisted tools and resources to get hired 10X faster. Sign up for a free LinkedIn review, check out their resume template, and access their job tracker to start organizing your job search. With Careerflow, simplify your job search and let your AI Copilot guide you to success.