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The natural language search engine for all your personal videos and images.

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Hachi offers a privacy-focused natural language search engine for personal videos and images. With face-recognition technology, users can easily search through their collection using just a face. Hachi ensures full offline privacy and lightning-fast search experience.

Hachi is a game-changing natural language search engine that enables users to search through their videos and images with ease. With its privacy-focused features, Hachi ensures that your data stays offline, fully private, and secure.

Searching through a large collection of personal videos and images can be a daunting task, as traditional search engines are not optimized for this use case. Hachi makes it simple by offering a lightning-fast search experience that is powered by natural language processing and face recognition technology.

Hachi's face recognition feature lets you instantly find all the matches for any given face across your image collection. This technology, kept completely on your system, ensures full offline privacy and security, making it the perfect solution for all your moments. Additionally, the app allows you to search for scenes, objects, and persons via text queries while playing video at the same time.

One of Hachi’s most significant benefits is that it stores all indexes locally, which means that you only need to index videos and images once to get started, enabling you to start searching right away. It further zero-confirms its promise – with fully-private and offline default features, your data is yours alone. Even the Full Database Search feature enables users to search across ALL of their indexed videos and images using a simple text query.

While using Hachi, you retain total control of your data. Whether you are a professional videographer, a digital marketing agency, or just someone who likes organizing their collection, Hachi grants you a valuable gift of privacy-enabled data organization, ranked among the best privacy search engines out there.

Hachi is designed for everyone, as it offers a free version with essential features making it accessible to all at no cost. It also offers a paid version, featuring additional features like improved video search, an unlimited number of indexed videos and images, Email Support, and Community Support.

In summary, Hachi's privacy-focused approach offers a natural language search for personal videos and images, employing sophisticated technologies like face recognition to streamline information discovery. With an emphasis on privacy, Hachi enables users to stay in control of their data, backed with full offline default features and free updates for 1 year.