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Gooey.AI simplifies the complex world of Generative AI, empowering eCommerce and online brands to build, distribute, and find customized applications. With access to the latest models from OpenAI, Stability, Google, and more, Gooey.AI offers a low-code platform and strategic consulting to streamline AI solutions. From chatbots to visual content creation, Gooey.AI offers the most powerful AI tools.

Gooey.AI is a cutting-edge platform that provides solutions for eCommerce and online brands to build, distribute, and find customized generative AI applications. With access to a range of advanced AI models from OpenAI, Stability, Google, and more, Gooey.AI is dedicated to simplifying the complex world of AI technologies. By offering a low-code platform and strategic consulting, the company aims to streamline the AI solutions-building process to ensure maximum efficiency.

Among the services offered by Gooey.AI is chatbot building, a feature that allows brands to train chatbots on their documents and connect them to different platforms such as websites, apps, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This feature also enables brands to edit their chatbots' GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) scripts to give them personality and logic. Additionally, Gooey.AI's chatbots offer support for questions and answers in multiple languages.

Another unique feature offered by Gooey.AI is its image model and animation model creation, which is powered by advanced models such as Stable Diffusion and DallE. With per-frame pricing, Gooey.AI's animation creation feature allows brands to create stunning animations that are sure to captivate any audience. The company also offers an AI image prompt editing feature that enables users to create AI-generated portraits.

Gooey.AI provides several AI tools that help brands optimize their SEO and drive more traffic to their website. The company offers AI-generated photo creation from email profile lookup, a feature that helps brands personalize their content and increase engagement. Additionally, Gooey.AI's AI-generated product photo background creation feature enables brands to reimagine their marketing campaigns and create unique visual content that is sure to attract more traffic to their site.

Gooey.AI's platform is composed of composable blocks that can be used to build custom workflows. These blocks include GPT3 prompts, auto synthesis of text-to-animation, auto-mask and mask-a-face, product placement, and many more. The company's workflows are inspectable, no-code, and transparent, making it easy to see how others are making amazing stuff.

Gooey.AI provides instant deployment, allowing users to demo their idea to their team in just five minutes and integrate with their product within an hour. Additionally, the company offers the ability to publish workflows privately or publicly, with every workflow being accessible through a simple REST API and an API_KEY.

Ultimately, Gooey.AI is the ultimate AI builder for eCommerce and online brands, providing the most powerful generative AI tools to reimagine brand identity, optimize SEO, and drive more traffic. The company's comprehensive suite of features, combined with its low-code platform and strategic consulting, empowers brands to simplify the complex world of AI technologies and create innovative solutions that are tailored to their unique needs.