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Glasp is a social reading platform where users can curate and organize their highlights and notes from articles, train personalized AI models, and create content with AI assistance. With seamless integration and export options, Glasp makes reading, learning, and sharing easy and efficient.

Glasp is a unique social reading platform designed to revolutionize the way users read, learn, and collaborate. With Glasp's AI-powered technology, users can curate and organize their highlights and notes from articles, train personalized AI models, and create content with AI assistance, making reading, learning, and sharing easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

The platform is designed for newsletter writers, active bloggers, thought leaders, and serious note-takers who want to streamline their reading and learning processes. At Glasp, users can highlight and add notes to articles that resonate with them and curate their own content collections to train personalized AI models. With this unique AI-powered approach, users can write with the help of their own AI models to create weekly best reads, write the next paragraph, get new ideas, and more. They can also seamlessly export their highlights and notes with Markdown format and integrate with Readwise, making reviewing and retention simple and effective.

But the power of Glasp doesn't stop there. The platform also allows users to share their Glasp profile via URL, enabling them to show their learning and help other people. They can follow like-minded people and see their highlights and notes, discover new and interesting articles, and broaden their horizons. The Wall of Love feature showcases testimonials from satisfied users who have found Glasp to be an invaluable tool for organizing their digital lives, improving their learning, and increasing their productivity.

Whether you're a content creator, startup founder, product designer, community builder, consultant, or student, Glasp can help you streamline your reading, learning, and collaboration, saving you time and energy while keeping you organized and productive. With Glasp, you can become exponentially smarter and leave a utilitarian legacy for future generations.

Founded in 2022, Glasp Inc. is committed to building a social network where knowledge is the content. By allowing users to open-source their learning and curate knowledge for future generations, Glasp is ushering in a new era of learning and collaboration that is efficient, effective, and fun. To learn more about Glasp, its features, and its vision, visit their website or contact them directly.