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Get lightning-fast answers to your queries with FastGPT by Kagi Answer. This proof of concept AI engine combines powerful language models and a full search engine for speedy results, typically outputting answers in just 900ms. FastGPT retrieves general topic summaries from the web, making it perfect for quick and efficient research.

FastGPT by Kagi Answer is a proof of concept that aims to answer the question, "What is the fastest possible AI answering engine that runs a full search engine underneath?" Modern language models are known for their power and flexibility, but often the sheer size of the models makes them slow to use, and they lack information about current events. With FastGPT, however, you can get lightning-fast answers to your queries.

One of the standout features of FastGPT is its impressive speed. Typically, this AI engine starts outputting answers in just ~900ms. FastGPT achieves this by optimizing for speed over accuracy. While maximum accuracy would require more processing time, FastGPT focuses on providing fast results that give users a general topic summary from the web.

FastGPT's functionality is ideal for those who need quick and efficient research or to quickly retrieve general topic summaries from the web. For instance, you might use FastGPT to get a quick answer to a general question, or to retrieve up-to-date information on a particular topic.

Kagi Search, a team dedicated to creating cutting-edge search algorithms, built FastGPT. The team's experience in the field of search has helped them create a lightning-fast engine that combines the power of large language models with a fast and efficient search engine.

If you're interested in keeping up with Kagi Search and FastGPT's latest developments, make sure to follow @KagiHQ for updates. With FastGPT, Kagi Search has created an AI engine that provides fast, efficient, and accurate results. Try it out today and experience the lightning-fast power of FastGPT.