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Combat Fraud with Next-Gen Face Matching Technology

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Facia is the fastest liveness detection platform available globally, using advanced Artificial Intelligence-driven technology for quick and accurate verification of individuals. Frictionless and secure, with anti-spoofing protections, it offers hassle-free passwordless check-ins and prevents fraud and security threats.

Facia is a trusted and fast-growing facial recognition technology that offers advanced liveness detection services, face matching technology, and biometric authentication systems. Its state-of-the-art AI-driven technology allows for quick and accurate verification of individuals through facial biometrics, 3D Face Mapping, and Photo ID comparison. Using powerful algorithms, it empowers several industries—including retail, healthcare, government, customer onboarding, KYC, and banking & finance—to protect themselves against fraud and security threats. The 3D liveness detection system ensures anti-spoof protection during verification processes, making it a trusted solution for businesses that require frictionless but secure customer experiences. Facia's face recognition system works with image to image, image to database, image to video, and video to database, providing seamless integration into businesses with minimal operational management. With a 1s response time and 99.99% accuracy, Facia offers tailor-made industry-specific bespoke solutions to deliver a seamless customer experience and help organizations throughout their verification and authentication journey. Its 3D Biometric Authentication system verifies users with a variety of accessories, including glasses, makeup, and beards. The company offers 24/7 support through email, phone, and chat, allowing independent verification and authentication procedures across the clock. By offering passwordless check-ins, Facia enhances user experience and allows for quick and accurate verification in under two seconds. Its advanced AI solutions also enable secure data storage by capturing and integrating biometric data onto businesses' servers. Overall, Facia's mission is to combat fraud with innovative and next-gen face matching technology, providing a fool-proof security solution against digital fraud.