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datumo is a CRM solution that enhances your customer experience by providing reliable and valuable information about your customer. It enables you to distil insights for creating personalised customer experiences, corrects typos and inconsistencies due to bad data entry, fills in the gaps, adds new properties, scans and analyses your CRM data, and supports up.

In today's age of digitalization, customer experience has become a key differentiator for businesses. Statistics indicate that 80% of customers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences. In such a scenario, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools have become indispensable for businesses to capture customer data, understand their behavior, track their preferences, and personalize interactions. However, a CRM system is as good as the quality of data fed into it. Inaccurate, incomplete, and inconsistent data can lead to flawed customer insights, wrong predictions, and suboptimal decision-making. That's where datumo comes in.

datumo is a cloud-based CRM solution provider that enhances your CRM's quality by providing reliable and valuable information about your customer. Its primary aim is to boost your customer experience by giving you insights to create personalized customer experiences. datumo offers three main functionalities - CRM Cleaning, CRM Filling, and CRM Enriching - that fill the gaps, correct typos and inconsistencies due to bad data entry and add new properties to your CRM. With datumo, you no longer have to worry about checking each record one by one. datumo automates them and helps to keep your CRM in good shape – just like exercising regularly keeps your body healthy.

datumo's Health Status Checker is a unique and valuable feature that analyzes your CRM and highlights all the data quality issues it can solve with a touch of a button. This checker enables you to track improvements over time and notifies you when a new boost is required. With datumo, you can be confident that your CRM is always updated with accurate and complete data.

In addition to CRM cleaning, filling, and enriching, datumo offers Insight functionality that scans and analyzes your CRM data and gives you an overview of the most salient facts and figures. This tool provides you all the information you need for building better data-driven strategies, which helps you make informed decisions.

datumo can integrate with a variety of CRMs, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Dynamics 365, and Zoho, making it a highly versatile tool. Its compatibility with leading customer relationship management systems enables users to apply datumo's functionalities to the CRM they use daily and benefit from the seamless integration, without learning a new platform.

Lastly, datumo's purpose is in line with your business objectives. By turning your CRM into a valuable tool, datumo enables you to build data-driven CX strategies. This, in turn, enhances your marketing, increase lead conversion, supports up- and cross-selling activities, customer service, and reduce churn rate, making it a powerful tool for any business.

In conclusion, datumo is the solution to all your CRM problems. It transforms your CRM into a strategic asset, providing reliable and valuable customer insights. With datumo, businesses focus on delivering exceptional customer experience, which is critical to compete in today's digital-first world. Book a demo today and give your CRM the burst of life it deserves!