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DapperGPT offers a powerful and intuitive interface to interact with ChatGPT API. With additional features like AI-powered notes, smart search, and Chrome extension, it provides a new way to customize and personalize your chat AI experience.

DapperGPT is a chat AI-powered platform built on the ChatGPT API technology that offers users an enhanced experience in terms of customization, personalization, and seamless interaction. The platform provides an intuitive interface that allows users to explore the power of ChatGPT API to generate text outputs, including image and character instructions.

With DapperGPT, users can enjoy additional features that are not available in ChatGPT. For instance, users can customize and personalize their chat experience with AI-powered notes, smart search, and a Chrome extension with auto-fill capabilities on popular sites. The smart search feature is comparable to the Spotlight search on Mac os. It gives users the ability to look for any note, prompt, or chat conversation they've had by merely typing keywords. This feature makes it easier to organize and access your chat history, enabling you to save time and focus on the conversation at hand.

DapperGPT is free to use and provides users with basic features for generating text outputs only. However, users need to have a valid OpenAI API Key to access the full service. The cost of OpenAI API Key usage is paid directly to OpenAI. But, DapperGPT offers premium features that can be unlocked through a one-time purchase or yearly plan for teams.

One of the benefits of purchasing the premium features is that users can access cloud sync, more customization options, and generate images. Users can also assign subdomains or domains to their team. Additionally, all future updates are included in the purchase, meaning users can enjoy more advanced features without paying extra.

To ensure the security of OpenAI API keys, DapperGPT stores them only in the user's browser, using industry-standard encryption methods. The platform also implements strict access controls to ensure only authorized team members with administrative privileges can access the keys for maintenance or troubleshooting purposes. DapperGPT conducts regular security audits and maintains strict data handling policies to safeguard users' API key safety.

In summary, DapperGPT provides a better way to interact with ChatGPT API through its innovative features and customization options. With no restrictions on the number of chats, users can leverage the power of DapperGPT to generate text outputs and more. For more information or to obtain an OpenAI API Key, users can contact DapperGPT and learn more about its features and benefits.