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Columns AI is the simplest way to build and share beautiful data stories with your team. Unleash your creativity and achieve your goals faster with the power of AI technology. Connect multiple data sources, generate query recommendations, and collaborate with design tools to create personalized visual stories.

Are you tired of using spreadsheets to share data insights with your team? Look no further. Columns AI is the simplest way to build and share beautiful data stories with your team. With the power of AI technology, you can unleash your creativity and achieve your goals faster than ever before.

Columns AI lets you connect many different data sources, such as spreadsheets, Excel, uploaded csv, database, or services. With Insight Columns, AI generates query recommendations and produces insights as visual stories from your data through its cloud computing infrastructure. You can use design tools, voice, and shapes to collaborate on the visualization and craft a beautiful visual story.

At last, you can share your story with your audience in all different ways, including web, email, message, or presentation. With Columns AI, you can Keep your team connected by sharing your story with fine-grained access control, getting instant feedback, and communicating fast. By connecting to Slack, you're one click away from seamless sharing and instant feedback.

Making progress every day with Intelligence is just one click away from the most relevant insights, automatically generated by learning your data stats. Try a sample Storytelling and unleash your creativity. Build a personalized data story with our wide array of tools, including annotation, animation, highlights, and more. Design a story beyond data visualization. We want you to maximize your influence as a storyteller. Use shapes, colors, annotations, and animations to build vivid stories to share.

Blazingly fast, Columns AI supports interactive, exploratory analysis straight to your SQL warehouse. Build your data model with our SQL IDE and enjoy sub-second latency in slicing and dicing millions of rows. Plus, any data, anywhere is connected, so you can use excel, spreadsheet, and csv files daily, also rational database (mysql, postgresql, ...) on a small scale.

We regularly share tips, best practices, and how-tos to the community with love. Join other data storytellers with our newsletter and create beautiful data stories to share with your team. Connect with Columns AI today, the simplest way to build and share beautiful data stories with your team.