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Colibri is a conversation intelligence platform designed for modern sales teams, helping increase efficiency, improve coaching, and win more deals with real-time AI guidance. This purpose-built platform delivers smart call checklists, automatic meeting summaries, conversation insights, and searchable call libraries for direct access to the voice of the customer. provides real-time AI guidance to modern sales teams via its conversation intelligence platform. The platform helps in automating meeting summaries, live cue cards, and smart call checklists, all of which result in increased sales efficiency, improved coaching, and ultimately win more deals. With, sales teams can enjoy 100% visibility into deals and build a searchable call library that gives them direct access to the voice of the customer.

One of the key features of is its ability to record, transcribe, analyze, and organize sales calls into an easy-to-use searchable call library. This means that sales reps can retrieve any call, at any time, quickly and accurately with just a simple keyword or phrase search. This eliminates the drudgery of manual call documentation, making sales teams more productive and efficient. automates call documentation with AI meeting summaries, so reps no longer have to type notes. Colibri automatically identifies the next steps, customer questions, and other key points in your meetings, so reps always have the information they need for fast follow-up and effective meeting prep. This feature is especially useful for businesses with large sales teams, who need to document meeting outcomes quickly and accurately.

Additionally, tracks topics that matter to businesses, helping to uncover what's happening in customer conversations. With automated topic detection, businesses can establish topics they want to track, and will help them always stay in the know. This includes competitor names, product names, customer objections, and pricing. creates a searchable call library that ensures that you never miss a significant piece of information.'s live cue cards feature provides contextual cue cards in real time so reps know exactly what to say when a prospect asks a challenging question or mentions a competitor. Using the live cue cards feature, reps can improve their performance on every call and ramp new hires faster. surfaces relevant battle cards when competitors are mentioned, and the objection handling feature assists reps in overcoming common objections. helps sales teams score more deals with conversation intelligence and team performance analytics. The analytics feature includes trending topics, which identify the topics that are most popular in customer conversations, enabling sales reps to adjust their sales strategy accordingly. Team performance analytics provide coaches with script adherence, talk-to-listen ratio, customer sentiment, and more, making it easier to coach based on data, not feelings.

Finally, with the purpose-built Zoom app, reps can access call templates, refer to contextual battle cards, and take notes, all without leaving the Zoom meeting. works seamlessly with Zoom and other existing tools, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications.

In conclusion, businesses need a tool that helps them improve their sales teams' efficiency, offers conversation intelligence and team performance analytics, and builds a comprehensive searchable call library. delivers on all these key functionalities and more. Ready to increase your sales efficiency and win more deals? Try's free 30-day trial today.