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Play Chess Against ChatGPT!

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Play chess against ChatGPT with ease on this website. Simply copy and paste the moves into a ChatGPT session or use an APIKey if you have access. The code is available for those interested in exploring more.

Do you enjoy playing chess online but are tired of facing the same opponents repeatedly? Our website now allows you to play chess against ChatGPT, an artificially intelligent language model that can understand natural language, speak fluently, and learn through training. The website is designed to make playing chess against ChatGPT easy and effortless.

If you have access to a ChatGPT session, you can paste the moves into it directly. For those with API access, you can make use of the APIKey functionality. The website is client-side so there is no need to worry about the security of your information.

One thing to note is that the current version of ChatGPT is not perfect when it comes to playing chess. The current iteration, GPT-3.5, has multiple limitations that can make the game less challenging. However, creators of the plugin have stated that the upcoming GPT-4 will provide better gameplay.

For those that are interested in how the plugin is designed, the code is available on their website. The plugin has been created to work in harmony with ChatGPT and is rough and ready but usable.

If you find the experience of playing chess against ChatGPT enjoyable and want to support the creator of the plugin and website, they have a Patreon page where you can contribute. They also have a YouTube channel where they showcase their other projects.

Overall, the website offers an exciting and new way to play chess online. It has easy accessibility and offers a different level of challenge that you may not have experienced before. So what are you waiting for? Come and play chess against ChatGPT today!