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Chatspell offers an AI-powered live chat widget for your website that helps you communicate with your visitors efficiently. With OpenAI integration, Chatspell's text completion feature enables you to respond faster, providing a personalized experience to your customers. The widget can be easily customized to match your brand, allowing you to improve customer engagement and sales.

Chatspell is a revolutionary AI-powered live chat widget that empowers businesses to better understand their visitors and provide exceptional customer support. The platform's OpenAI integration enables the use of ChatGPT, providing efficient text completion features that help automate/make quick responses, reduce response times, and save businesses valuable time and money.

Its highly-customizable widget allows you to match your brand, providing greater engagement with your visitors and customers, and a seamless experience. With Slack and Unlimited Integration, you can communicate with your customers from your favorite collaboration tool, providing faster support no matter where you are.

Though the use of a live chat widget, website operators can benefit from up to 40% conversion rate boosts and 10% higher on average order value. Chatspell also offers an Analytics tool that presents the performance of your agents, traffic, engagement, and response time, allowing you to continually improve your customer support and increase sales.

With its ability to integrate with myriad tools, including Slack, Chatspell enables a smoother workflow for businesses. It provides the option of adding context to your response, enhancing your ChatGPT model, making text completion more efficient. Chatspell's context definition allows you to fine-tune the AI model by providing basic information about your business, menus, refund policies, and other essential details.

Pricing for Chatspell is transparent, featuring a Starter, Growth, and Unlimited plan for your needs. The annually quoted prices save you up to 40%, while also offering monthly options. Chatspell provides multilingual support to cater to a wide range of users worldwide.

In summary, Chatspell provides a powerful, efficient, and fully-customizable live chat widget that boosts conversion rates, increases average order value, and provides superb customer support to businesses. With GPT-3 intelligence, Slack and Unlimited integration, and easy installation by pasting a code snippet, Chatspell is a must-have tool for all online businesses. Start your free trial today, and take your online presence to the next level.