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Automate Your Google Sheets Work with Charm

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Charm is a Google Sheets add-on that uses AI to automate time-consuming work impossible to do with traditional formulas. With Charm, you can quickly clean messy data, generate quality content, summarize feedback, classify sales leads, and more. It's loved by hundreds of analysts, marketers, and product managers who want to work faster and smarter in Sheets. Try Charm for free today.

Are you tired of spending hours manually manipulating data in Google Sheets? Do you wish you could automate work that's impossible to do with traditional formulas? Look no further than Charm. This groundbreaking Google Sheets add-on uses AI to tackle work that would usually take hours to complete.

Whether you're cleaning messy data, generating quality content, summarizing feedback, or classifying sales leads, Charm has you covered. And the best part? Charm is incredibly easy to use. With Charm's user-friendly interface, you can quickly and efficiently create, transform, and analyze any text data in your spreadsheet.

Charm's features include:

- Clean Messy Data: Automatically normalize addresses, separate columns, extract entities, and more.
- Generate Content: Rewrite SEO content, write blog posts, generate product description variations, and more.
- Generate Dummy Data: Create synthetic data like first/last names, addresses, phone numbers, and more.
- Summarize Content: Generate bullet-point summaries, rewrite existing content with fewer words, and more.
- Classify Text: Categorize product feedback, prioritize sales leads, discover new trends, and more.

But that's not all. Do you have unique needs that aren't covered by Charm's existing features? No problem. With Charm's editor, you can create your template in minutes.

The best part? Charm is loved by hundreds of analysts, marketers, and product managers. "Groundbreaking tool [...] Saving me a ton of time on categorizing or generating new written variations of existing columns," says Alec Ploof, Head of Growth at Moment.

Charm is the ideal tool for anyone looking to work faster and smarter in Google Sheets. In just minutes, you can automate work that used to take hours. Try Charm for free today and discover what it can do for you.